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by V. Eln



Hungry for some right wing entertainment? Here it is! Your kind of story about an independent young man with his own views, like these: "Nations use the law to force their citizens to help the needy. I cannot go along with forcing people to help others. Helping others is admirable. Forcing innocent people is not. You cannot use us just because it is for a greater good. You tell me there is no other way to help the needy. Get this! Making me your welfare slave is not a way either! You do not own me. The majority does not own me. I have a right to be a free, sovereign citizen. "I am not the cause of everyone's misfortune. I did not create hunger, homelessness, ill health, or poverty. I am not guilty. Do not make me out to be the villain. I do not deserve it and I will not accept it. "Do not tell me that I lack compassion. We humans come equipped with it. Like anyone else, I am touched by an appeal to my heart. But my compassion must not be used to justify forcing innocent people. What moral obligation do I owe to the needy? To submit to being a conscript altruist? To surrender to welfare slavery? Never! How could slavery ever be moral? By the principle of self-determination, my freedom comes before the need of those you want to help. "When you ask if I am willing to just ignore the needy, what you really mean is, am I willing to force people into welfare slavery to help the needy? My answer is that I will not enslave anyone, even to help the needy. "Compassion is a fundamental human characteristic. We are deeply moved to be charitable. Regard for the suffering of others is a powerful and important motivation. Freedom is not against that. It is only against using force to help others. Freedom is for nonviolent compassion. It recognizes that humans are moved to care for each other but must do so voluntarily. You can still have a compassionate society without using the government to force people to give. It is not hardhearted of me to want my freedom. It would not be hardhearted of you to grant it. "The moral principle 'to do no harm to others' forbids you from forcing me 'to help others.' The proper moral and political position is that no individual should be taxed or regulated for altruistic programs. State enforced sacrifice is not altruism. Altruism is supposed to be voluntary, from the goodness of the heart, not compelled by law. The 'needs of the many' do not make the majority the master and me the slave. Freedom comes before altruism in the moral hierarchy. "You righteously demand that I have to offer you an alternative method for helping the needy, as if my freedom depends on me solving the problems of the world. It is not my responsibility to figure out how to satisfy your altruistic urges. If you want to help the needy, you have to figure out how to do it, without using force on me. "It is not 'taking from the poor' if you stop redistributing my income. Keeping what I earn is not the same as taking from the poor. I can tell the difference and so can you. When you use force to redistribute my income, it is you who are doing the taking, not me." It's an exciting story with action, adventure, and strong ideas. Have some fun, Try it!




















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